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Diverse Agrarlandschaft

AI and Data Accelerator

in the Field of Food and Agriculture

We are intensively developing our skills and competences in order to realise the full potential of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, in the field of food and agriculture.

To this purpose, we have joined our efforts and started AI and Data Accelerator (KIDA) initiative.

Together with scientists, AI users, IT experts and other members of the project we aim to cross institutionally contribute to solving food and agricultural challenges.

KIDA initiative is a part of the AI strategy of the Federal Government and strengthens agri-food research in Germany.


AI and Data Competences Development

Sustainable AI and data proficiency development, by creating efficient structures for competence development and knowledge exchange within and between institutions.


Technology - Infrastructure Development

Establishment and operationalisation of multi institutionally and jointly used technology infrastructures that enable efficient development and sustainable use of AI technologies.

Data Usability Improvement for AI Applications and AI Models

Developing solutions to efficiently provide data for AI technologies and to offer AI based solutions as an interoperable services, in that including the provision of shareable resources to address legal issues.


The subject specific professional work is carried out in 8 cross-institutional, interdisciplinary teams - the initiatives.


Initiative 1

Attracting and retaining AI experts and young AI scientists to build and strengthen know-how of the personnel


Initiative 2

Establishment of a consultancy service for AI and data related topics with the aim to provide a targeted support to professionals in implementing use cases


Initiative 3

Establishment of an interrelated, interdisciplinary and cross-institutional advanced trainings and knowledge exchange for a long term and sustainable empowerment of expert users


Initiative 4

Further development of institution specific technology infrastructure to eliminate argent issues and to meet short-term needs of expert users


Initiative 5

Establishment and operationalisation of interrelated technology infrastructures to create synergies and to strengthen cross-institutional collaboration


Initiative 6

Ensuring data interoperability to easy a large database usage in a particular institution and to improve the data exchange between institutions


Initiative 7

Enhancing the higher usability of AI models by provided support during the provision of standardised exchange formats


Initiative 8

Establishment of a legal consultancy service for AI and data related topics to support employees


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