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KIDA - Consultancy Center

The KIDA consultants are contact persons for AI and data related questions. In addition, they are contact persons for questions related to the KIDA shared computing capacity. The consulting team supports you in identification and implementation of AI use cases. Our current focus areas are: Natural Language Processing and analytical and mathematical AI methods. In the long run we aim to enable employees of the institutions to independently develop and apply AI skills.

KIDA services are open to all researchers and implementers of in KIDA involved institutions. You can reach us by sending an E-mail to

Our services at a glance

We tailor our services to your specific issue to achieve optimal results. By using AI methods, we help you gain new insights from your data. We accompany you from the initial idea to sustainable implementation. We will be happy to forward your concerns on topics such as the further use of your results, legal issues and knowledge transfer to our colleagues in other teams.


Initial consultation

In an initial dialogue with our experts, you can present your project in more detail and discuss possible use cases or the requirements for AI applications. Our consultants provide ideas, assess feasibility and introduce you to relevant AI methods.


Data Analytics

Our AI experts can advise you on extracting insights from your collected data. Together, you can identify trends and solve problems from your data. You will also receive expert support when applying for third-party funding.


Data Engineering

Our experts support you in the area of data engineering. This includes the process of data preparation with the aim of creating meaningful data models.

Model development

Our experts support you with model selection and implementation, including model training.  This may also include the tuning of hyperparameters and the creation of code.

AI Focus

The KIDA - Consultancy Center enables you to engage in scientific exchange with a team that brings expertise in various AI areas. These include natural language processing, computer vision and statistical model development. If you need support in an area not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us.


Natural language processing

Natural language processing deals with the processing of natural language. This includes tasks such as speech recognition (conversion of spoken text into written text), sentiment analysis (evaluation of texts) and text summarisation.

Computer Vision

Computer vision enables machines to process visual information. Image classification involves assigning objects to a specific class. Object recognition localises specific objects in an image and image segmentation divides an image into different areas.

Statistical model development

In statistical model development, various methods are used to create and validate models in order to uncover patterns and correlations. Examples include regression and classification methods.

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